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When will the system be available for commercial use?

We expect to have an operational system in 2024.


What makes Nanovel’s solution so unique?

Nanovel’s machine is designed to be able to penetrate and pick fruit in deep foliage, while maintaining high productivity without sacrificing the harvest quality.


What types of fruit can be harvested with Nanovel’s robot?

The first application will be for citrus harvest, but the machine is designed to be able to harvest other fruits in the future, such as mango, avocado, stone fruit, pomegranate and others.   


What are the benefits of using an autonomous harvesting machine?

Nanovel’s robot will provide reliability and predictability of harvest scheduling. In addition, the collection and analysis of big data, will allow to monitor quality and productivity in real-time


Why did you decide to build an autonomous fruit tree harvester?

Harvesting is a serious threat to the future of supply of tree fruit  in developed countries, automation of the process seems the only way to secure the supply.


What is the demand for such a machine?

A solution by such machine will be serving a multi -billion dollar market, that is currently relying on manual picking.


Won’t this put farm workers out of a job?

No, as it would shift the available labor to a more friendly and rewarding farming tasks.


How quickly does your harvester pick fruit?

@common Arms configuration ~ 0.7-1.0 pick/Sec.


Is the tree or the fruit damaged during picking?

The fruit remains in a much better condition compared to the damage by manual picking.


What impact on nutritional value of the fruit does machine harvesting have?

The harvesting machine has no impact on the nutritional value of the fruit.

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